financial coach describing how a good credit score works

You can’t manifest a good credit score!

So you’ve found out that your credit is bad and you want to fix it quickly!

It took you some time to get into this state (see I didn’t refer to it as a mess) as it’s a state and states can change and improve. So it is likely it will take some time to resolve.

Here’s five things you can do immediately to start repairing your credit file.

  1. Get your credit report and check your credit file for errors.  Challenge any errors immediately. I always recommend using  Check My File as its draws from all four credit agencies. 
  2. Make sure you are registered at your current address on the Electoral Role. 
  3. Pay off any / all debts.
  4. Stop applying for cards / loans / mobile phones.
  5. Pay your balances on time, set up automatic payments and

    pay off high-interest, new credit accounts first.

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Did you know that missed and late payments can stay on your credit file for up to six years! So without wanting to scare you – it’s important if you want to be able to make sound financial choices in the future – like a loan or a mortgage application to sort this stuff out!

Do You Know Where It Goes?

Is your spending conscious or unconscious? Maybe you are a secret spender? Are you??

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I do believe that what you think can influence what you attract. So I agree that by fixating on debt all the time and agonising and blaming yourself serves no positive purpose.

So I recommend that you carefully consider what you think about.

Chances are that you currently think about the debt you do have. You might wonder how and when you’ll ever pay it off.

This is the worst thing you can do because you’re only drawing more debt to you. Each time you have these thoughts, you’re shifting your vibration to one of being in debt.

All your thoughts are self-fulfilling. By thinking of being in debt, you’re using the Law of Attraction to keep you in debt.

Stop focusing on debt and start focusing on what you want – financial freedom, financial security, excellent credit, more than enough money to buy whatever you want and need.

You also need to stop focusing on the debt that you have because it can make you feel discouraged and sad.

I am not guaranteeing this will miraculously fix your problems, but I do believe it will help how you feel day to day about your debt.

Eyes wide open.

Stop being afraid of the reality of your financial situation.

Own it.

Stop seeing it as a huge heavy responsibility and instead take responsibility for it.

Good people are making good money, then we can do good with that money.

Do You Need Financial Coaching?

What you do need is real and practical help – Financial Coaching works.

With Financial Coaching I deliver straight talking, practical advice and support – with no judgement.

Yes we’ll talk about mindset – but my coaching and support is practical, I ask the tough questions, we develop your plan, I set you work, hold you accountable and get you the results you need.

It’s not about having three crystals, a full moon and dancing naked in the garden covered in fairy dust and hoping for the best.

Have you heard that saying, hope, try and a man is not a financial plan?

You can’t manifest a good credit score!

You need to make informed decisions based on facts.

Straight talking works – warts and all!

Here’s a thing – you managed to get yourself into this financial state, and together, we can manage you out of it.

If you need straight talking, accountability and real talk please get in touch.

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