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Who You Need To Tell You’re Moving

If you’ve ever moved home you’ll know first hand how stressful it is. 

It’s a massive investment both financially and emotionally and it can take its toll, as there are so many moving parts and so many people who are “invested” in your home move.

I put together a check list of all the people you need to let know in the past as a favour to a friend.  

My simple checklist will save you time and sleepless nights when it comes time to the important move –  and you’ll be reassured you’ve let everyone know who needs to know!

The all important move day can come upon you very quickly and you need to have a plan.

Literally dozens of companies will need to know your new address. If you can get organised and let everyone know, like a preemptive strive – it’ll save you so much time. 

Mortgage Broker’s Guide to House Stuff

Buildings insurance is the most important thing that needs arranging on your new property as soon as you have exchanged contracts, and/ or changing the address with your current insurer. 

Confirm your moving date with your removals firm and make a list of who needs notifying about your impending change of address.

 The local council for your Council Tax and the credit file critical – electoral roll.


There are so many, here’s as many as I could think of:

Gas, Electric, Water, home telephone number, Broadband provider – make sure you do this asap, especially if you need your broadband up and running quickly – as they can have long lead times – ditto for Sky/ Virgin Media etc.

Your utility providers will also need informing, and given final meter readings. The more you plan ahead, the smoother the process will be

Make sure you take readings of your utilities on the day of your move so you can update your suppliers with these and only pay for the amounts you have used. 

Your Car

Inform your car insurance company as your new address may have a less expensive / or more expensive premium and you don’t want to give them an excuse to invalidate your insurance. 

The DVLA for your driving licence. You can update DVLA via its website and within two to four weeks, you should receive an updated licence and V5C log book documents for your car. If you forget to update the log book could lead to a fine of up to £1,000.

Online Companies you use regularly

 Amazon and other delivery firms, particularly supermarket deliveries. The last thing you want is for your orders to turn up at your ‘old’ address once you have moved.

Don’t forget your food delivery apps – like Deliveroo and Just East. 

Work Related

Notifying your employer is a top priority, especially if your payslips are sent to your home. 

Perhaps one of the most important and probably most overlooked places that need to be notified of your change of address is HMRC, which needs to know for tax purposes.  

Other Stuff

The milkman, the paper delivery.

TV licence. Finally, don’t forget the small things like magazine subscriptions and store cards and your all important mobile phone provider.


As well as your health insurer, you will also need to provide your address to other healthcare organisations.

Don’t forget your doctors surgery, your dentists, the opticians. 

If you change doctors when you move home, you will need to let your old doctor know so that your medical information can be forwarded to your new doctor, ditto for the dentist and opticians.


Don’t forget your pets – their insurance and details at the vets. 


You’ll need to inform their schools, any club memberships of a change of address and of course their doctor, dentist, orthodontist etc.

Financial Companies

There are several companies and organisations that fall into this category and will need to know your new contact address.

They include bank and building societies, your pension providers, any insurance and loan companies, credit card providers and store cards. If you are on a state pension, the Government will need to know your new details.

Finally, don’t forget your post – Royal Mail’s redirection service is so easy to use and will forward any post sent to your former address to your new address. It’s simple to arrange, inexpensive and you can apply for the redirection up to three months before your moving date.


It’s a long list. So done well it will literally save you hours of time, inconvenience and unnecessary stress. 


I work as a mortgage broker and qualified financial coach – I have helped literally thousands of people secure their dream homes and I have seen both sides – this done well and not so well.

I am expertly positioned to help you achieve your financial and mortgage goals. 

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Rachel x

** Think carefully about securing a mortgage against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you fail to keep up with the mortgage payments

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