Time to act your wage !

In the era of social media and global keeping up with the Jones’s, there is never a better time to “ act your wage. “

Social media pages are full of people “living their best lives.” New Range Rovers and holidays in The Maldives , children kitted out in designer gear that would be better suited to New York Fashion week than a trip to the park and luxury spa days to name but a few …… but at what cost ? 

The average U.K. unsecured debt is £8082 per family ( Jan 2020) and the time taken to clear a credit card paying minimum payments is 26 years and 8 months later . Should I type that again??

So whilst your social media feed is filled with aspirational living, it’s also secretly filled with credit card payments and loan agreements which will last far longer than the luxury holiday tan . So before you splurge out on things you really really need, then take a moment and really consider is it need or want? And always remember #spoileralert debt does not make you happy!

Do the people you are inspired or influenced by, really own their or is it all smoke and mirrors and built on a house of cards that could collapse at any moment.

Have the confidence to “ live your wage” and be happy in your own skin .

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