There’s No Dopamine Hit in Managing Your Finances

There’s No Dopamine Hit in Managing Your Finances

I have seen a huge increase in enquiries from people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), some have been diagnosed and some have not. 

I believe that lockdown and the huge switch to online spending is of course part of the issue. It’s far too easy to spend.

Picture this…. you’re scanning the TV whilst scanning instagram, there’s a sponsored post enticing you to click. All your cards are connected to your phone and click click your personal details are entered, your delivery address and click it’s on it’s way.

Click. Click, Click – that’s all it takes!

Hundreds, thousands of pounds spent in seconds with a click here and a click there and you’ve got the dopamine hit from the comfort of your sofa – now to wait for all the parcels to deliver. Another hit – and you haven’t even left the room! 

It’s just far so easy to spend money, a short dopamine hit and it’s gone. Is it bored spending? Is it not wanting to miss out on the latest Insta / TikTok trend? Is it you just, in that moment you want it and then the moment has gone, the spending high didn’t last long and then you’ve forgotten it. It’s over, but the mounting debt has not!

All the people who contact me need help with more personal financial support, they need help with a plan. They need structure and guidance with how to get where they want and need to get.

Research shows that young adults with ADHD often struggle to manage money. That’s because ADHD can cause procrastination, disorganisation, and impulsivity. These traits aren’t harmful in themselves, but they can make it difficult to manage money.

But managing money doesn’t have to be hard. What helps is clarity and help navigating through the financial fog. 

They need help with getting it done! Not putting it off and a better, more structured and positive approach to managing their money. 

What I have found from chatting to so many people in the last few years is that….

Some are searching for an answer

Some are searching for a label

Some are searching for an explanation!

People with ADHD – whether it is diagnosed or not, need help with mastering their money. 

Managing money takes a lot of organisation and self-control and it’s quite common for people with ADHD to struggle to control their spending habits.

Believe me – it’s a thing! 

It’s the organisation and the spiralling

So whether you have been diagnosed, or you’ve been scrolling the internet in search of answers you probably recognise some of the traits and you’re searching for help.

Take a look at this great article, there are some great  ADHD-friendly tips to help get your spending habits under control. 8 Ways To Manage Money With ADHD

I found this great article written by a financial advisor in the US  – I’m a personal finance expert with ADHD. Here are the 8 tips I use to manage my money

That’s the trouble with managing your finances isn’t fun, it’s not sexy, and there’s definitely no dopamine hit in managing your finances! It takes control, structure and accountability. So if you need help mastering your money please book a complimentary call with me and let’s chat. Book your Complimentary 30 minute chat by clicking this LINK

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