Online Programmes

Master Your Money Online Programme

Master Your Money is my first online programme and I know it is perfect for you if you need my help, but maybe for whatever reason you’re not ready to work with me on a one to one basis.

This online programme gives you all the structure, the information and a 121 kick off and programme wrap up session to enable you to Master Your Money!

The benefit to you:

This online, tutor led programme is super flexible and very affordable. It starts with a kick off ​30-minute​ 121 to talk you through how to get the best from the online programme, and wraps up with a 3​ 0-minute 121, 4 weeks later to keep you on track and accountable.

It is designed to give you all the information you need plus the accountability of working with me, your financial coach at a very affordable cost.

You will receive ongoing email support during those first 4 weeks.

If, after completing the Master Your Money programme you want to work with me one to one. I’ll deduct the cost of the programme from my one to one investment.


You have lifetime access to the programme and you can work through all the Master Your Money worksheets and exercises at your own pace.


If you want to master your money contact Rachel Rowley