I Was Ghosted by My Coaching Client!

I Was Ghosted by My Coaching Client!

Maybe you know by now – so you’ll know that I had to look up what ghosted actually meant! Then I found this fantastic podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me

But really! I got ghosted! And I don’t know why!

It happened twice this week and I am curious to understand why.

This is what happened….

I get lots of Financial Coaching Enquiries – I mean lots! Too many to work with, and I don’t work with them all. Some of them are just not my kind of people, some don’t really want help, some are not ready for help, some will come back later on and some, well some just ghost me….

I am sensitive soul, you wouldn’t know that, but I am.

So why does it happen?


They go to the effort of finding me, an experienced and qualified Financial Coach. They send an email via my website. I respond – usually the same day, and definitely within 24 hours.

I send a very friendly, compassionate and non judgy email inviting them to book a complimentary call and then…

It’s a total tumbleweed moment!

It happens a lot!

I had six coaching enquiries last week and I was ghosted by two of them.

Yes I know life gets in the way.

Maybe by making the first contact, they feel it’s job done!
They’ve got their hit.
They think the problem is solved.
Maybe they change their mind
Maybe they tell themselves they can do it on their own.

And maybe they are right.

But what a terrible waste of time, effort and emotion.

Managing money effectively is easy – we, yes we make it hard. Learning how to make it simple can be hard for some, having to unlearn all those habits that have developed over the years.

Some people who come to me can see that their financial habits are unhealthy, or getting unhealthy and they want to fix their finances before it’s too late. BTW – it’s never too late!

I have a lot of younger people coming to me who say they have ADHD. Managing finances can be a challenge for people with ADHD. The symptoms of procrastination, disorganisation, and impulsivity can create problems with managing money. I found this fantastic website The ADHD Centre with a great article 6 Ways To Manage Money with ADHD

That said, I am working with a fabulous woman who is 70 at the moment who wants help with structure and habits.

Remember you’re never too old to learn new and better financial habits.

Financial Coaching comes in lots of different guises, and the most popular at the moment seems to be my Financial Strategy Sessions – Your Financial A-Ha moment!

It’s a brilliant way of making fast changes, for those who are determined and don’t necessarily need the longer term accountability.

You can book your complimentary chat by clicking the link below and picking a date and time that works for you.

Please only book a call if you’re serious and ready to take action. No flakes please – life is just too short!!

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