How I Saved Nearly £2,000 by Shopping Around

I am so fed up with the increasing prices, I question sometimes whether it’s due to inflation or just opportunistic and greedy price increases.

The news is so depressing I stopped watching it ages ago! 

So many of my Financial Coaching clients are finding it so tough, and my food bill seems to keep increasing no matter how hard it is to economise…

So I had a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon, so I hunkered down, got on the phone and negotiated away…  Now I’m no Martin Lewis, or Money Saving Expert but I do love what he writes and think he is a genius – what is there not to love! 

Here are a few of my recent wins, I know there will be more to come in the future.

First the pet insurance..

My personal pet peeve – sorry for the pun.. 

We have two lovely dogs, very healthy, no claims but the provider has bumped the price up by £8 per dog at renewal. Not happy. 

Got on the phone, phone around, changed provider, took about 30 minutes and saved £10 

Not the utility bill….

Stayed with the same provider, saved £40 per month and worked out they had £580 in credit just sitting there. So I had that back, as I’d rather it was sitting in my account rather than theirs! 

Car Insurance

Again, got a notification it was due to go up. Got on the phone, negotiated a bit and although we have not saved any money, the price is staying the same. So a cost neutral win and it only took 10 minutes!

Car Maintenance

I don’t claim to know much about cars and there was a problem with the lights and I knew it would fail the MOT. It’s a Vauxhall, worth about £5,000 so I took it to the Vauxhall garage and they told me it would cost £2200!! When I picked myself off the floor I made another plan… 

I got online ordered new lights, got some welding done – that cost me £50 

Got the lights done by a local garage and it passed the MOT and cost me £400!

Yes it took some time to sort out, but it’s my car – my runaround and it needed doing. But instead of having to sleeve out over £2k it was less than £500 by being determined and shopping around….

Are You Brave Enough to Get Rid of Your Sky?

It took Chris my husband about an hour to do it, but once we realised that we have

Disney, Netflix, Apple and Prime made sense and the decision was so much easier…

We get Disney free with a bank account. Apple costs £10 and Netflick £8 but Sky was the most significant cost! 

I made £200 by opening a NatWest Bank Account 

I made (or will make) £200 just by opening a bank account with NatWest. Opening the bank account took me three and a half minutes. 

There are some T&Cs – you have to deposit £1250 and I transferred two small direct debits

Here’s the link if you want to try it out and make £200!

Where else can you earn £200 this easily??

You are welcome 🙂 

Finally Curtains!

So, I bought some curtains for a room we were updating. Saw some gorgeous ones when I was scrolling through the FB marketplace.

You know, nothing on TV, scrolling through FB and there they were…. Brand new – never used cost £750 new.

Bought them for £100 #bargain!

But tragically they were just too big so they’ve sat in a cupboard for 18 months, so a waste of money if I continued to do nothing with them and you know how much I hate waste!

Having a clear out and thought it was worth a go….

Advertised them for £500. Was offered £450 and I jumped at the offer, giving me a £350 profit!

£350 earned, probably 20 minutes of my time AND the added bonus that I have cleared out a cupboard and channelled my inner Marie Kondo 

What have you got hiding in your cupboards??

What have I learned?

You have to be committed to saving money, it’s not for the faint hearted and It does take some time, you need to have a plan, have tenacity and be patient. 

Plus don’t be afraid to play the system – what I mean is, if there is a free trial period, or reduced time period then put the date in your diary RIGHT NOW and cancel it 24 hours before you need to.

The upshot?

By my very rough calculations, just by shopping around I have saved £1932 over 12 months just by spending some time and shopping around.
I guess if you’re reading this and you’re curious and would love to save some money, but maybe you can’t be bothered or it seems just too hard,  then the burning questions should be how much do you really want to save and then, how much is your time worth?

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