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Five Everyday Financial Trade Offs

Financial Trade Offs – Why They Are Essential For Managing Your Money.

We are faced with difficult decisions we have to make every single day. Many of us struggle and put off the hard ones, and choose to tackle the easy ones. There are so many options and schools of thought, essentially you have to take the path that works best for you and moves you forward and towards your goal. 

We also make financial choices each day and it’s these financial choices that can benefit your bottom line.

Here’s a couple of  simple everyday examples we can all relate to:

Out with friends – You are out with friends, you’re having a great time and you want to continue having a great time, and you brought your car. 

So shall I have another drink? Which means that….  you’ll have to catch a taxi home and come and get the car in the morning. 

The impact on your costs? 

Taxi home, maybe overnight parking charges and of course that extra drink, and maybe the munchies on the way home. Suddenly that extra drink has cost you an extra £25! 

And like Ed Sheeran sings in his brilliant Bad Habits nothing good happens after 2am!

Food Planning – maybe you tell yourself that you do not have the time, or the inclination to plan your food. You then grab a takeaway sandwich, drink and crisps at lunchtime, you end up rushing and  visit the supermarket hungry and end up buying all your favorite foods – because you’re hungry. This will add about 20% to the cost of your food shopping!

Do you see how it can spiral out of control? 

Boring? Well, maybe.

Sensible? Yes definitely!!

Financial trade offs – yes, can you see the impact your financial trade offs can have on your bottom line?

Spending more on this and less on that can make a huge difference to your bottom line and disposable income.

Your everyday choices make a difference to your financial wellness. As a Financial Coach I have conversations every single day where we talk about financial trade offs and choices. The financial accountability I provide forces my clients to answer the tough questions and have financial visibility of the choices they make and the financial consequences this has.

Here are my Top Five Financial Trade Offs to consider:

  1. Pay off a credit card or build an emergency fund?
  1. Rent or buy your home?
  1. Save to buy a house or pay off credit card debt?
  1. Plan how you spend your money. Plan your food, plan for retirement or enjoy your money now? 
  1. Save or Invest?

Essentially, are you willing to wait for the things you want, which will enable you to save and invest at the same time.


Here’s a thing – you managed to get yourself into this financial state, and together, we can manage you out of it.

If you need straight talking, accountability and real talk please get in touch.

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Rachel x

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