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Yes, you read that right and no, it’s not an early April fools!

I love financial coaching, and have been overwhelmed by the number of people who need help, and I don’t think I have left the office in the last 28 months!!

Some other coaches would probably massively hike up their prices and take advantage of the situation, or set up group coaching (don’t get me started on that) so they made more money – but I am just not like that, and actually most people like and need 121 support, and they opt for group coaching as it’s usually much cheaper – and it’s cheaper for a reason!

There’s so much I want to share with you and my biggest takeaways have been:

  1. Financial coaching is not suitable for a “cookie cutter,” one size fits all approach. It is usually deeply personal with deep rooted issues that take take, patience and skill to unpick, resolve and recover.
  2. Issues are never age, gender or family specific.
  3. “Most” people have money hang ups.
  4. There is a fundamental and catastrophic lack of financial education across all demographics.
  5. Absolutely everyone would benefit from financial education and financial self help structure.
  6. You cannot fit your financial state with wishing, dreaming, manifesting and hoping! It’s all “woo woo” nonsense and anyone who tells you it works needs their head examining.
  7. It takes determination, an action plan, hard work and time.
  8. As a coach who is committed to helping and serving financial coaching is far more emotionally draining that I ever expected.
  9. Winning the lottery and hoping that you may be the winner isn’t a plan. The current odds of winning the Lotto jackpot is: 1 in 45,057,474!
  10. Money does not make you happy – so if you think being debt free is the answer to happiness – you’ll need to rethink your plan and look deeper at your definition of happiness.

I have learned so much about myself and who I can help. I now know how much of an “overgiver” I am and how to manage my own business overwhelm, and my business boundaries are, as always “work in progress.”

What does this all mean to my fantastic financial coaching clients?

I am working with those I have for the rest of 2022, and closing my coaching list until 2023.

If you still need help and are happy to wait please send me a message and I’ll pop you on the waiting list.  If you can’t wait or simply don’t want to make sure you do your due diligence and seek qualified and experienced money and financial coaches. Don’t just read their glowing testimonials – ask to talk to current clients.

Ask to see their books, check them out on companies house – do your due diligence, don’t be taken in by the gorgeous insta images – dig deeper!

There are masses of free resources and helpful blogs on my website.


Rachel x

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