Should You Share Financial Control?

If talking about money makes you squirm, then create a safe environment to discuss money issues – from the monthly food bill to saving for next year’s holiday. I have found it is easier to do this when everyone else is out and you have the place to yourself, or take yourselves out for coffee and discuss the money issues, or over a glass of wine at the end of the week. Create some fun around it, it’s something you are doing together. It will take practice.

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How To Talk To Your Partner About Money

Can you talk to your partner about money?
Our relationship with money will probably run deep and long and it’s usually a product of everything that has gone before, family experiences, being poor or being rich. It can be so varied and they are based on our experiences, our subconscious beliefs and thought patterns usually from our childhood. So deeply ingrained in us, they determine how we as adults deal with money. Any negative beliefs and patterns being incorrectly diagnosed as just being lazy, crazy, stupid or just bad with money.  It can lead to a poor relationship with money – but don’t let it ruin your relationship.

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7 Simple Steps To 2022 Financial Survival

Managing your money well doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and you don’t have to earn a degree in finance to learn how to be financially savvy. The key is to keep it simple and not to overthink it. 

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Are You Bored Being In Debt?

My client had been thinking about working with me, but there was never a right time. They were always too busy, and didn’t want to tackle their problem with money. Why should they? They were successful, lovely family, great job, gorgeous home and all the trappings…. but it was all smoke and mirrors. They really struggled with huge debt and just didn’t know how to cope with the increasing debt and didn’t feel able to talk to anyone about it.

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