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Are You Winging it with Money?

Are you winging it with your money, or can you account for every single hard earned pound?

Don’t know how much you’ve earned or spent? It’s time to stop messing around.

When it comes to managing their money, most people are content on their own. 

That can really backfire.

Despite reports that many of us are living paycheck to paycheck, and not even half of all adults would be able to cover unexpected expenses, most people wouldn’t seek out help, and some would even decline any financial help or advice.

So what’s an “unexpected expense”? Well it could be anything from a new boiler, your car stops working and it needs to work to anything you haven’t planned for.  Think of it as your emergency fund.

There was a great Forbes article I can across 

Afraid To Mess Up? Why You Often Just Need To Wing It!

It’s just brilliant!

Emma Isaacs, a serial entrepreneur, founder of Business Chicks and mother of five children and author of Winging It credits her own success to having the courage to wing it.

  • WINGING IT means less second-guessing yourself and more going with your gut.
  • WINGING IT means less time spent trying to concoct the perfect plan and future-proof yourself for dramas that probably won’t eventuate.
  • WINGING IT means more time for going with the flow and celebrating the unexpected.
  • WINGING IT is the act of believing in yourself enough to give your dreams a go.
  • WINGING IT puts you in control, and that’s exactly where you deserve to be.

The irony is that while winging it puts you firmly in control, it also requires giving up the illusion that you ever had any control to begin with. 

When you ask people who are performing ( in whatever capacity) in sport, business, life they usually have a support team of experts who help them, guide them and offer advice and guidance on how to be better. 

Of course, winging it means many different things to each of us depending on where we’re at in life.  But is it worth winging it with money?

So are you winging it with money, and how is that going for you?

If you feel you could benefit from talking to a professional qualified financial coach and to stop winging it with money then read this recent blog: Should I Hire a Financial Coach? 


Here’s a thing – you managed to get yourself into this financial state, and together, we can manage you out of it.

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