Are You Bored Being In Debt?

Sometimes it takes a while…

For someone to get totally fed up with being in debt.

Sometimes it’s something really small that tips you over the edge.

Maybe it’s another sleepless night, or another irritating phone call from someone chasing a debt.

Or maybe your card got declined (again) and you’re so over it….

If any of this sounds familiar – then maybe it’s the tip you’ll need to tip you over the edge and into action.

I know this first hand as people usually reach out when they have had enough and want to take control. One such contact was a text message I received this message earlier this year…

My client had been thinking about working with me, but there was never a right time. They were always too busy, and didn’t want to tackle their problem with money. Why should they? They were successful, lovely family, great job, gorgeous home and all the trappings…. but it was all smoke and mirrors. They really struggled with huge debt and just didn’t know how to cope with the increasing debt and didn’t feel able to talk to anyone about it.

Does that sound familiar?

Then something fairly minor happened and this is the text message she sent me.

So if you are bored, so bored and tired with being in debt and want to master your money then let’s chat.

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Rachel x

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