My Story

I’m Rachel, I strongly believe that people need clarity and confidence to take control of their finances and live the lives they deserve – only sometimes they need a little help along the way! We all lead busy lives and often some support and guidance can help us take back control and get refocused.

If money is the one thing that is stopping you from creating the life you want, from being the person you want to be, then perhaps it’s time to think about how you can learn to use your money with intention, making every pound purposeful. As a freelance UK financial coach (or money coach as I am often referred), I am regarded as a great alternative to seeking out financial help through traditional routes like the dreaded bank manager. I pride myself on being supportive, knowledgeable, understanding and, above all, human.

I can honestly say I have walked in my clients shoes , I left school at 18 and started work , I married and had two children before I was 23 . Divorced mid 30’s and remarried at 40 ( crikey I’ve been busy !)

Both my husband and I have 2 kids , so 4 on aggregate and 2 crazy spaniels who drive me mad and keep me sane in equal measure !

I have 16 years experience working for one of the big high street banks and have also been self employed in finance for a number of years . I have worked in a number of  roles gaining a huge amount of varied experience. I know a lot about finances but for me, the common element in all of my job roles are the people I have helped. That’s where the magic is.


‘Traditional’ financial services often feels very focused on sales targets and not enough about putting the customer’s needs first and there is a real need for guidance and support which has nothing to do with selling financial products. That’s why I have designed a uniquely different type of service that gives clients clarity, confidence and control over their financial matters and sees them prosper.

Why work with me?

  • I understand how money touches every aspect of your life
  • I have experienced my own financial highs and lows
  • I have a passion to help you, and your family take back control over your money
  • I will help reduce your stress and worry so you can focus on other aspects of your life and enjoy it
  • I will help carve out your plan then hold you accountable to achieve it, improving your life along the way, all without criticism or judgement
  • I have developed a love of helping people make their money work harder for them

Building a trusting relationship

For me, it is imperative that we have a sound and trusting business relationship. That said, there are some very important facts my clients should know about me first.

I am CeMAP, CeFAP, CeRER qualified and a member of the Coach Connections Mastermind Group and Accountable Network. I love to travel, and I bake a mean cake. You’ll never find me on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter – I can only just muster enough energy to show a pitiful interest in Facebook – I still prefer to talk to people! I love my dogs and I have an unhealthy interest in crime dramas. I’m so proud of my kids and relieved I managed to turn my own situation around for them – one is at University (pretending to be a grown up), one is finishing up at college and ready to start life, one is at secondary school and is happy to join in as long as it can be done via an Apple device, and the littlest one is at primary school, loud, loving it and super cute. See, I told you I was human!


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