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9 Signs You May Benefit From Money Coaching

It’s simple and the signs are so obvious, but sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees, you are so entrenched in your relationship with money and often drowning in debt you just can’t see it.

Take a long hard look at these nine signs:

  1. You have trouble sticking to a budget, saving for retirement, or paying down debt.
  2. You have feelings of embarrassment, shame, guilt, or fear about your past or current money circumstances.
  3. You avoid conversations about money with your family, spouse or partner – well, infant everyone.
  4. You are in transition with your career, nearing retirement or starting a new business.
  5. You have a new relationship – a business, friendship, a marriage and you want to get it right this time.
  6. You suffer from anxiety, worry, addictive behaviour, sleepless nights.
  7. You are too scared to check out your credit score – so you just avoid looking!
  8. Your inner child has too much influence over your financial life.
  9. You are in debt, and the debt is increasing and you have no knowledge how or what to do about it.

If any of these sound familiar and they’ve got your squirming in your seat, then this blog is just for you, so please read on…

The aim of a Financial Coach is to help you better understand your relationship with money, make any changes to this relationship and support you in developing greater control over your finances. Read my previous blog Should I Hire a Financial Coach?

A Financial Coach is not the same as a financial advisor, or a Financial Counsellor so they won’t be able to advise you on how to spend your money or offer any other advice of this kind. Instead, they aim to go deeper, helping you unpick those limiting self-beliefs and supporting you as you fill the gaps in your knowledge. Check out a blog that describes the difference between a Financial Coach and a Financial Counsellor.

Taking a look at your knowledge about money and picking out any gaps is a crucial step. Once you’ve identified what it is you don’t know, you can look to educate yourself. It may not sound like the most fun way to spend your time, but understanding how to manage your money practically can go a long way in changing your relationships with money.

Here are a few areas where financial coaches can support with:

  • Understanding and changing your relationship with money.
  • Unpicking limiting self-beliefs.
  • Changing unwanted habits or behaviours around money.
  • Setting financial goals.
  • Increasing your awareness of your financial health.
  • Supporting you to increase your knowledge around finances.
  • Understanding financial needs when starting/expanding a business.

Financial Coaching seeks to understand clients’ financial habits, attitudes, values, behaviors and emotional triggers, and allows clients to pinpoint their own strengths and challenges and identify changes they want to make; goal-setting. 

It is typically used one-on-one or with couples and I do not believe it is suitable for groups, but that’s my opinion.

Why work with me as your financial coach?

I’m not afraid to call it out and know when I’m not the right fit for a client. I’m all about providing straight talking and practical help. 

I strongly believe that people need clarity and confidence to take control of their finances and live the lives they deserve – only sometimes they need a little help along the way! We all lead busy lives and often some support and guidance can help us take back control and get refocused.

What To Do Next…

I help you master your money and live the life you deserve, by empowering you to get clarity, be confident and take control over your finances. It takes work – so it is not for the faint hearted.

If you need help, and want to talk to a qualified Financial Coaching who importantly won’t judge you please don’t put it off – get in touch by calling me on 07969 859749 or email and let’s see how I can help you!

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