5 Ways to Tell if You’re a Secret Spender

Secret spending , what does a little treat here and a little self care gift there’s matter , it’s not as if your partner would care ???

Right ?? 

Whilst a new lipstick for the weekend and a t-shirt for the kids when you pop into town may not feel like a big deal, hiding your purchases from your partner is now thought of as a form of infidelity …. financial infidelity .I have had clients tell me their secret spending varies from the occasional coffee , new make up or video games right up to a client who once told me they had bought a Buy to Let flat without telling their partner!

If you identify with any of the 5 traits below you may be a secret spender.

  1. Do you tell your partner something new is in fact something old ? “ what this old thing … I’ve had it for years ? Whilst quietly removing the tags? 
  2. Do you “ lose” receipts 
  3. Do you make sure you always get the credit card statement before your partner ?
  4. Do you have secret bank accounts 
  5. Do you earn more than you tell your partner ? 

Listen if you’re a secret spender you’re not breaking the law. As long as you’re not!

But who are you really misleading? As issues with money is now the 2nd highest cause for divorce you may want to change these habits and improve your communication with your partner.

Also, and without being too out there and “woo hoo” it’s really you who you are misleading. So until you are ready to be honest with yourself, it’s likely that you’ll still be that secret spender and hiding the truth from yourself.

So, the question how bad does it have to be until you take charge and take action?

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