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5 Steps To Get a Quick Mortgage Offer

We live in a time when applications can be made at a flick of a switch and our we have extremely high service expectations and quick turnarounds. But a mortgage is probably the biggest financial loan you will ever borrow, and it is by definition a loan secured on a property – so there’s quite a lot of checking that needs to happen before you secure your mortgage offer.

The lender needs to check you out and the property, so if you need a quick mortgage offer there’s some pre work you can do to ensure you’re “mortgage offer ready.”

Here’s my top 5 Steps To Get a Quick Mortgage Offer

Getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be because we haven’t got our house in order. (excuse the pun!) As a qualified and experienced Mortgage Broker and Financial Coach I uniquely qualified to help you navigate the mortgage application process like a pro!

There aren’t many people who love doing paperwork, but my advice would be to spend 60 minutes now to help you save time, money and stress levels in the future.

Here’s 5 things you can do to make your life easier and reduce your stress levels:

  1. Clean up your credit score.
  2. Get 3 months bank statements together. Better still keep them all together and keep 12 months together in a file, so you’re ready when you need to be.
  3. Ditto 3 months pay slips.
  4. Make sure your ID is in date, and detailed at the correct address.
  5. Find out and keep safe who you need to contact regarding employment references. 

I know it’s super dull, but it will save you so much time and stress when you need it!

Save it all somewhere safe and secure

If you receive everything online and don’t have paper copies, then I’d recommend you create a master file (that’s backed up in onedrive or google drive – or something similar) and save everything there. 

The good news it works!

The reason I know this works is because this week we had a client who had their mortgage offer in just one week!

That’s right, they applied, the valuation was instructed and completed within days and they received their mortgage offer in one week!!

Another client came prepared with all their supporting documentation for their remortgage and they had their offer within 3 weeks.

Control & fix what you can

There could be other bottlenecks or hold ups along the way, but the first step as an applicant is securing that all important mortgage offer. So do your bit and be prepared and control what you can control as you may not be able to influence such things as local government searches and we need to be aware and control your stress levels. So control what you can control – control the controllables!!

If you need a guiding hand, let’s chat…

If you need help, and want to talk to a uniquely qualified and experienced Mortgage Broker & Financial Coach who importantly won’t judge you, please get in touch.

You can call on 07969 859749 or email chat@rachelrowley.co.uk and let’s see how I can help you!

** Think carefully about securing a mortgage against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you fail to keep up with the mortgage payments

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