Month: May 2020

the importance of a will

The Importance of Having a Will

At a time when your heart is breaking, when you have lost someone you love you don’t want to be dealing with extra admin! Anyone who has lost a loved one will know there is enough to organise and sort out when all you want to do is wrap up in a blanket and immerse yourselves in your memories. No one likes talking about death, but not having a will is just not fair on who is left behind. Read why having a will is important.

How to Shop Without Using Notes and Coins

‘Cash is King’ is a phrase often used by financial coaches as using cash is proven to reduce the amount of money we spend on a day to day basis. However, in these challenging times where we are being advised to reduce physical contact to limit our exposure to the pandemic here are 3 alternatives which will keep you in control of your finances and keep you safe in the shops.

Time to act your wage !

We are spending so much time online at the moment and in the era of social media and global keeping up with the Jones’s, there is never a better time to “ act your wage. “